Don’t Wait in Line, Just “Scan It!”



This weekend, my boy friend and I went to Giant to pick up a few things for his sister’s birthday party, and being the adventurous shoppers we are (I take him along with me to get all my crazy deals), we decided to use the “Scan It!”. This new device is located as soon as you walk through the doors at the “Scan It!” station, where many handheld scanners await a daring shopper to try them out. These special handheld scanners are linked to the store’s central computer system, eliminating the need to wait in line for a cashier to check you out.

So, he typed in his phone number to the machine since we didn’t have the Bonus Card, a scanner lit up, signifying that it was ours to take and we were on our way. If you didn’t bring your reusable bags with you, you can grab a few paper or plastic bags when you grab your scanner. We went to the candy aisle and grabbed a pack a gummy worms, scanned it with our handheld device, the price and new total showed up on the screen, and then we put the candy into the bag. To buy fruits and veggies, there are new devices in the produce section that allow you to select the type of produce you are purchasing and then it takes into consideration the weight or quantity and spits out a barcode sticker to put on your bag of fruit or veggies. This makes it so simple to scan your own produce with your handheld scanner.

After all the shopping was complete, we took the scanner and our groceries (already bagged) to the Self-Checkout registers. We scanned the barcode near the register that says “End of Purchase Barcode”, typed the phone number in again, and magically all our purchases were on the screen in front of us. At this time you can scan coupons and then pay. You place your handheld scanner in one of the docks by the register and you are free to leave.

I love Giant’s new “Scan It!” technology, it saves time and money. In the future, all grocery stores will probably use this technology because it eliminates the need for all those cashiers and baggers, which would save the store a lot of money. It’s amazing to think about the effects of computers and media, but who would have thought it would affect your grocery shopping? A simple task of buying food now transformed into this new digital era; my mom and grandmother still haven’t gotten the hang of the self-checkout.


Things I like about “Scan It!”:

-It’s faster

-It’s fun (I admit it)

-It’s convenient (you bag your groceries as you go)

-You can see your total add up prior to at the end of checkout


Things I dislike about “Scan It!”:

-If you mess up  (scan something twice, etc.) you may have to go get help

-The device may stop working for some reason and you lose your purchases (Technology certainly isn’t perfect)

-It’s not likely an older or shy person is going to try it out


Starbucks App for iPod, iPhone and BlackBerry!

How do you think most college students make up for their lack of sleep? Coffee, of course! And where do you think the majority of them go to get their coffee fix? Starbucks! With multiple locations on and near campus, Starbucks is always at hand. There’s an awesome app available for iPods, iPhones, and the BlackBerry to help you the next time you go to get your coffee. The app is called “Starbucks Card Mobile” and is free.

After you create an account you have the option to upload all of your Starbucks gift cards. This was very helpful for me because the wristlet I carry around does not have room for all those gift cards! When you go to Starbucks and place your order, instead of handing them a gift card you simply hold up your iPod/iPhone when you are on the gift card part of the app. There will be a barcode that the cashier can scan, along with a total of how much you have left of gift cards.

There are bonuses for using this app. Not only is it convenient, but you don’t have to worry about losing all your gift cards. There is also a “Starbucks Club” when you make an account. For your birthday, you will receive a free drink and every time you make a purchase it’s recorded. Certain number of purchases gets you to certain levels. Each level has bonuses, and the higher the level, the better the bonuses. For instance, after 5 purchases you get complimentary syrups and milk options in your drink, free refills on coffee and tea, and free beverage with a whole bean purchase. At the last level, (after 30 purchases) you get a free drink every 15 drinks, a special Gold Card, and special offers and coupons.  All of this is in the palm of your hands; it is so easy! You can check out all the details about a Starbucks account here.


Students: Sign up for Amazon Prime for free! is America’s largest retailer. started out selling books when it launched in 1995, but now you can find almost ANYTHING, from toys, food, to electronics on this site. The name Amazon comes from the Amazon River (the largest river in the world) and because of the fact that Amazon wanted their site to show up on the beginning of alphabetical lists. Amazon Prime gives students a free year of 2-day shipping! This is originally an $80 value! If you haven’t already signed up for this deal, I would highly recommend it. All you need to sign up is your .edu email address and then you are ready to buy anything you need and have it shipped quick and free!

If you’ve never used Amazon before, you will be overwhelmed by all the products that are on there. There are tons of departments and then sub-departments to choose from to keep some digital order or you can simply search for whatever you are looking for. So let’s say, you are looking for a new UMD T-Shirt to wear to the Duke game this weekend. Simply choose the “Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry” department, then choose “Clothing”, “Sports Fan Gear”, “NCAA”, lastly “Maryland Terrapins”, then start shopping! (Or simply type Terps T-shirt into the search box on the first page). Amazon is super organized with all over the categories to meet all your shopping needs.

When you finally find something you like, you can read comments, check out its ratings, and also see what other people that have viewed this product have also viewed. You can also “tag” items you see to help you, and other shoppers, find products much easier.  Amazon says, “Think of a tag as a keyword or label you consider is strongly related to this product. Tags will help all customers organize and find favorite items.”

So sign up for Amazon Prime!

Maryland Terps Men's Spectrum Tee