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Hi friends! The Savvy Student Shopper has expanded into a Group on Facebook and would love if you could join!

Facebook is making it awfully hard for pages to reach fans, so I’m hoping this new group will make it easier for us to connect.

In this group, I will post all the deals and even more, including my pictures, clearance deals, hot deals, and questions. I want this to be a space for everyone to connect. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to ask questions, share deals, trade coupons, and post trips.

Just head on over HERE and request to join the group. For now, I’ll be keeping the group “closed” (meaning I have to accept all new members individually) so what you post and “Like” in the group doesn’t show in your news feeds. I know not everyone in your 500 Facebook friends want to know your crazy couponing stories 😉 so this is a place you can join people like you!

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Savvy Student Shopper is on Vacation!

Welcome to Florida

The Savvy Student Shopper is on VACATION! Savvy momma, Nerdboy, my sister, Ciera, and I are all spending the week in Florida to visit my grandparent’s in their new house. I will be home on Thursday, but until then posts will be scarce as I am going to be having fun in the sun 🙂

All comments and emails will be answered after vacation. I’ll still be shopping and thrifting here in Florida and I promise I’ll be sharing when I get home. Of course we have to go to Publix!

Talk to you later!

Merry Christmas to All!


I’ve been keeping myself away from the computer this week as much as possible, but I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope all of you have a relaxing and fun day with your loved ones as well. I’m so thankful for all my readers -I couldn’t have this blog without you guys 🙂 Stay safe and happy!

Savvy Student Shopper: Updates – Finished School for 2012!

My semester is completely over and I couldn’t be happier! This was my worst semester so far and a break is certainly needed! I’ll be heading back home soon to finish up holiday preparations. Then of course, we’ll be celebrating the holidays and I’ll be out of town part of the time. I’ll be heading up to the mountains with Nerdboy and his lovely family and then we’re going to FLORIDA! I can’t wait! I haven’t had a vacation in a long time. Give me some time as I switch schedules yet again to get used to being home and not school. I’ll also be “taking off” quite a bit over the next month for the holidays and my getaways 🙂

I can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to visit my blog every day. The support you guys show by coming to my page, using my links, purchasing my crafts,and sharing me to your friends is amazing and so appreciated! I love reading your comments and emails!  Please give me a few days to catch up on what I’ve missed over exam week. Being a full time student, blogger, thrifter, cook, maid, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, and roommate is draining! I think it’s called “role overload”… I just studied it in my Family Theories class 😉

Anyway, I hope you guys make the most out of the rest 2012! Finish up your holiday preparations and spend time with your friends and family. It’s a wonderful time of year and it always goes by so quickly.

Stay tuned for more deals, a new Thrifty Finds post (yahoo!), and more!

<3 Brandi



It’s exam week which means the Savvy Student Shopper should be busy studying and not finding deals 🙂 I’ll be finished everything on 12/19. If you notice a lack of post between now and then, that is why! Good luck to all my fellow students taking their finals too!



The Savvy Student Shopper is taking a break for another day or so! It’s the end of the semester which means lots of papers and exams.


Welcome Learn Vest Readers!

coupons-1.jpg (400×400)

I want to welcome all the new readers today from! Alden worked hard getting that article posted and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If anyone has any questions, please shoot me an email ([email protected])! I will reply once my laptop/internet start cooperating. I invite you to follow my page on Facebook or Twitter to get all the great deals right in your news feed.

I know some of you are coming here to learn how to coupon or find ways to save money for your family. Couponing has totally changed my family’s lifestyle. We buy what’s cheap (with exceptions of course) and cook with what we have. I eat very healthy and often pick up wholesome food at a great cost. Don’t just assume all I buy with coupons is junk! Between my mom and I, we purchase food for our immediate family (4 people total), and often times food for me and my roommates here at the apartment and my grandparents. If you’re willing to change your shopping habits and learn to cook from your pantry, then you’re in the right place! Couponing and frugal living can change your life!

Here are some helpful resources:


I’m on Learn Vest: Secrets of a Coupon Queen: How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Hi guys! It is a cold, rainy day here and to make things worse, I don’t have internet on my laptop! If you know me well, you know my laptop is my security blanket! I take it everywhere. For the past two days, Mrs. laptop and Mr. Internet will not make a connection, so until Nerdboy fixes it, I’m using his Chromebook which is so tiny and hard to type on! Everything is taking me 10 times longer than usual today and I’ll have to add images later. Plus, I don’t have any of my blog files, pictures, saved passwords, etc. Very frustrating!

We have good news though! The Savvy Student Shopper is on Learn Vest today! You can head on over HERE to read the article that writer Alden has put together after interviewing me. You may have to make an account to access the article if it doesn’t pop right up. I won’t give away all the details, as you can read the article yourself. It’s very exciting getting my name out there to other women! But one thing you’ll always learn, along with new readers, new friends, and more questions, you’ll always get those nay-sayers who have something to say about using coupons or buying processed food! On, we KNOW how important it is to coupon and how living frugal becomes a great lifestyle and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Secrets of a Coupon Queen: How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

I hope you will share the excitement with me! Feel free to share the article and Learn Vest site with your friends as well. Thanks for all the support. As always, I couldn’t do this without you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoyed good food and time with your family and friends. I’m truly thankful to have you guys as awesome fans! I would not be here without you <3

Good luck to those of you going shopping tonight and tomorrow morning 🙂


Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds!

Hi guys! 🙂 I hope you’re all having a great week. As usual, it has been super busy in the Savvy Student Shopper world. We’re counting down the days to winter break (and did I mention FLORIDA!). Oh my goodness, hopefully I’ll have time to do some thrifting while I’m there!

I’ve still been doing my thrifting, it makes me so happy, and Nerdboy knows that! We went to Value Village twice a week these past two weeks! We usually stick to once a week. Lots of goodies to share today, so grab a nice drink and sit back!

The two pictures above were from Value Village trips last week. I found a Pyrex lid for one of my bowls back home. It’s always nice to have extra lids. I got it for about $0.71 after discount. The pitcher/carafe is something I’ve been looking for for months! I’ve been wanting one for juice. The carafes are glass and made by Pyrex. Many of you should recognize them as they were very popular a few decades ago. I got it for $0.49 but it is missing the lid. The cupcake is a Pandora jewelry box and it was only $0.91. We looked it up and it sells on eBay for a nice price, so that’s always an option if I decide to get rid of it. Pandora is very collectible. We also picked up an red/orange bundt pan for $0.79. I realized we didn’t have one for the apartment when I went to make Jewish apple cake and didn’t have anything to bake it in!

Over the weekend, I stopped at my flea market and finally had some luck! It has been dry for the past two months or so. I picked up the two Spring Blossoms Pyrex casseroles for $2 each, with lids. I have the middle size already. I also found another carafe! I can’t believe I found two in one week and I’ve been looking for them for months! I got this one for $1 and it has a lid! -The main reason I bought it. Take note of my sister and cat photo bombin’.

pyrex before and after

Above you’ll see a Before and After shot of the Pyrex bowl I bought at the flea market for $1. It’s a yellow 404 from the Primary set (and yes… I already have one!  Shhh!) As you can see, almost all the scratches and metal marks came off with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. You can pick some up on Amazon pretty reasonably if you can’t find it locally. I don’t want you to shy away from buying things that aren’t in mint condition. A lot of times, you can get them to come clean! Unfortunately, the bowl has lost some shine, but the price was still right!

(Vintage Foodmill Picture will be added soon!)

That same morning, I found a vintage Foley mill! I’ve been looking for one so I was happy to find it for $1! I use the food mill for jams (mostly blackberry) and when making apple sauce. I have a plastic one now, but I know if won’t last as long as these metal ones! I still have to clean it up, get the rust off, and give it some oil so it doesn’t squeak.

We went to Value Village again twice this week, the first time we left empty handed. Today was great though! And way more than we usually spend! The paper towel holder was $2.92 and we needed a new one for the apartment. Just before we went to Value Village, Nerdboy was about to buy one for $8 on Bed Bath and Beyond! He also really likes coke glasses, so he bought these for $0.69 each. And then I found a cast iron muffin/popover pan. It’s made by Griswold and we got really attached to it. I’ll admit, we really have a problem. We paid a whooping $7 for this pan, which is definitely an old piece and it sells quite well on Ebay, you should check out this listing. It’s the exact one we have. I say we’ll make out well if we become unattached and sell it. Another great find today was my first Le Creuset! I’ve told you guys before that I knew one day I had to come across one thrifting! Unfortunately, this one is not the color or style I was looking for, but a Le Creuset for $7 cannot be left behind. It’s a vintage one (and by vintage I mean sold anywhere from 1960 – 1990s and is not sold in their store anymore). These go for almost $200 new, so I think I got a deal!

Wow! Didn’t we have a great two weeks of thrifts? I’m so grateful we had good luck. I spent more than usual, but if I do decide to go the eBay route on some of those pieces, I’ll easily make my money back.

So let me hear from you! How has your thrifting been? Any questions about mine?