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What to do with our coupons this week?!

Here’s the usual weekend coupon post for y’all. We received two inserts this weekend, a SmartSource and a RedPlum. I’m not overly impressed with the inserts today 🙁  But there are a few good ones, so let’s continue!


  • $1/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce– As usual, Summer sales are starting, so keep this handy. I do wish it was a $0.50/1 however, so it would double…
  • $0.75/1 New York Frozen Product– Very happy with this coupon as it is usually a $0.50/1! This will double to $1.50 off and these frequently go on sale for $2, so just $0.50 after the coupon!
  • $4/2 Advil/Thermacare– Use to score Thermacare very cheap at both Walgreens and CVS this week!
  • $0.25/1 Heinz Ketchup– This will double to $0.50 off and we might see the small Heinz go on sale for a $1 soon.
  • $1/1 Colgate Sensitive– We frequently see CVS/Rite Aid deals with Colgate, let’s just hope there’s one for Sensitive soon.
  • $0.55/1 Zone Bar– The single bars are priced a bit over $1 at the grocery stores. This will double to $1.10 off, so hopefully we can snag some cheap snacks! If not, grab some for $0.45 at Rite Aid this week!
  • $0.50/1 Tabasco Sauce– Even though it’s a DND (Do not double) it starts with a “5” so it *should* double automatically, giving you $1 off! The small bottles are often on sale for a $1 or so.
  • $1/1 Lea & Perrins Products– Anyone know how much Walmart/Target sells this? It could be a good deal!
  • $1/1 Hershey/Oreo Icing– This is a new/fun product so we could be seeing sales soon.
  • $1/1 Banana Boat– Use to grab sun block for just $3.49 at CVS this week!

And onto our Unilever RedPlum:

  • $1/1 Magnum Ice Cream–  Some Targets and other stores sell the single bars for $1.50 or so. Makes for a cheap snack!
  • $1.25/2 Wishbone Dressings– Wait for a Target Coupon to stack this with for a hot deal.
  • $1/2 Lipton Tea– Stack with the $1/2 Target Coupon to get $1 off Tea Bags. I believe the small boxes are $1.09 or so.
  • BOGO FREE Degree Deodorant– Awesome Coupon! Score some for FREE at Rite Aid this week!
  • $1/1 Degree Deodorant– See above for a Rite Aid deal. Also, Walmart and Target sell the travel size for $0.97, so FREE after this coupon. Remember, travel sizes are great for donating and sending overseas.
  • $1.50/1 Cutter– Stack with the $2/1 Target coupon to save $3.5o on one cutter products! Items start around $3.99.
  • BOGO Free Axe Deodorant or Spray– Use at CVS this week to score them for $1 each.
  • $2/1 Blink and $1/1 Complete– Makes for a money maker at Walgreens this week. Hold on to it for a future CVS or Rite Aid deal.
  • $1/1 Hungry Jack Mix or Syrup– Some places sell the one-time bags. I assume they’d be around $1, so free pancake mix!
  • Domino’s Sugar Coupons– These will double for extra savings. Look! There’s even a coupon for Organic sugar! :O
  • $1/2 Bar-S Franks– Score these for $0.49 each at ShopRite this week!

Remember, coupons, sales and prices are all regional. Use this as a starting point in finding good deals with your coupons this week.

Happy Couponing!

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Hot: $2/1 Rayovac Batteries =FREE at Many Places

Go here to print a coupon for $2/1 Rayovac batteries!

Walmart and ShopRite sell the 4 packs for less than $2, so this means FREE batteries! Remember to come back to this link so you can print two coupons per computer.

Thanks April!

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Savvy Student Shopper’s Busy Shopping Day!

I have been a busy, busy bee lately! I just got home from college for summer vacation and I’ve been running around and trying to get all my coupons together. I finally got to go do my own shopping today, so I’ll share my trips!

This first picture is a combination of ShopRite and Safeway. I’m not going to explain all the matchups because 99% of them end today or tomorrow. I’ll share next weeks sales for you all soon though!


These two trips were almost free actually. I had a lot of catalinas and overage at ShopRite which I used to buy some stuff for Michael and his mom (so it’s not included in the picture). Without the items I bought for them, I would have been negative $20. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen and I would have filled the negatives with meat and produce, but I bought their items instead. My mom bought some produce at Aldi’s today anyway. Safeway’s trip cost about $20, so it evened out, making these two trips FREE!

Take note of the hot Viva Paper Towel deal going on!

The next two pictures are of Target. I haven’t been in ages!



After all was said and done, we paid $15 for all this! It includes tennis shoes for my dad, (5) shirts for me and my mom, expensive John Frieda and more! Check out the rest of the Target deals here.

So there you have it! That’s my kind of shopping. I bought clothes, shoes, medicines, organic items, milk, diet food, sodas, snacks, expensive shampoos and beauty products and still got an amazing deal. If this doesn’t encourage you to start using coupons, I don’t know what does!


Organic Coupons!

This is for some of the ladies I met with earlier today who wanted to know where to find some coupons for organic/healthy food. Here’s a small list of them for you! I’ll be sure to start posting more of these health conscious deals from now on.

Don’t forget to go here to print your coupons for Whole Foods which can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons!

Newly Added:

    Thanks, Organic Deals!

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    What to do with our coupons from this weekend?

    This post was going to be quite disappointing because I’m still at school this weekend and I didn’t go buy a paper yesterday, so I have no clue what coupons we even got! (Other than looking at the early previews, but I don’t like doing that.)

    But while taking advantage of the Half-Price Fraps at Starbucks today I found that someone left their unwanted newspaper sitting on a table. Doing what any savvy shopper would do, I grabbed the inserts. Now, I have coupons to talk about today! The coupons I found are not from my usual paper and I know they can differ pretty significantly, so do beware.

    First off, The Parade Magazine: (Don’t throw that away!)

    • There’s a coupon for a FREE Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and $1/1 Frappe or Smoothie from McDonalds.

    The SmartSource:

    • OFF! Coupons- Save for upcoming Summer sales, or stack with the new Target coupon!
    • $0.75/1 French’s Worcestershire Sauce-  Great for our stores that double!
    • $0.50/1 Chi-Chi’s -Makes for a cheap Taco Night with doubles.
    • $1/1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce/Marinade- We’ll be seeing Summer sales soon, you’ll be able to snag this for under a $1!
    • $1/1 Colgate ProClinical- We’ll probably see a CVS or Rite Deal with this type coming up.
    • $2/1 Little Swimmers- Pick a pack up for only $3.33 at Rite Aid this week!
    • $1/1 Pull-Ups Flushable Wipes -Some Walmarts (Love that place) sell the refill packs for $1.30ish? So very cheap after the coupon!
    • $1/1 Lunchables with Fruit- This a a nice, high value Lunchables coupon.
    • $0.25/1 SunnyD- Should get you cheap single-serve bottles with doubles!
    • $1/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta- Some Walmarts (Mine didn’t) sell these for $1.07, so only $0.07 after the coupon!!
    • $1.25/2 Ziploc Bags- Score bags for $0.38 each at Rite Aid this week!
    • Franks Coupons- Great with doubles! Also, Dollar General sells the small bottle for $1.
    • $0.30/1 and $0.50/1 French’s Mustards- Great with doubles and upcoming Summer sales!

    And onto the RedPlum:

    • $1.50/1 Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats $3.3 oz- Makes them $1 at Safeway this week!
    • $1.50/2 Kraft Dressings- There’s frequently a Target Coupon or sale to make this a good deal.
    • Nivea Coupons-Stack them with the Target Coupons for a better deal!
    • $1/2 Lawry’s- These will be on sale often with the Summer sales. I wish I could have gotten the $0.50/1 for once!
    • $2/1 Gillette Bodywash -Very high value! We’ll wait for a CVS or Rite Aid sale.
    • $2/1 Wisk 50 oz.+ -Use at CVS this week or ShopRite to get it for $2-3!

    Remember that coupons and values are regional, so use this as a starting point to help you out this week!

    Happy Shopping!

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    $0.55/1 Vlasic Coupon Available Again

    The $0.55/1 Vlasic printable coupon is available again! This should make free some cheap or even free relish with doubles!

    Thanks, Lady Savings!



    New Coupons on Coupons.com

    I was just checking Coupons.com and found a few new ones that might be worth printing:



    ShopRite: Free Speed Stick Deodorant

    ShopRite has Speed Stick deodorant (Men and Women’s) on sale for $0.99. After this coupon doubles, you can get it for free!


    ShopRite: Peter Pan Peanut Butter just $0.50!

    For those of you with a ShopRite, here’s a great stock up price on peanut butter.

    Peter Pan Peanut Butter is on sale for 2 for $3
    Use (2) $0.50/1 coupons here (They’ll double to $1) -Use code 63829897
    And pay just $1 for 2, or $0.50 each!

    Thanks for the coupon frugallivingandhavingfun!


    A day in the life…

    I have been terribly busy this past week and exceptionally busy yesterday. I never had the chance to sit down at the computer. It was “Maryland Day” at my college so I showed my sister and her friends around most of the day. Then, I got to make a lovely trip to ShopRite to take advantage of their triple coupons this week. My mom works near ShopRite, so we’ve been shopping there more. After a huge, but rushed trip to the store, I went to a concert. I was exhausted last night, to say the least. I’m spending this gray, rainy day at home on catching up on coupons, blogging, and other odds and ends.

    I want to share my ShopRite trip because it’s a great example of the magic of coupons. I got snacks, breakfast foods, cleaning supplies, and $10 worth of ground beef and still saved 90% on my grocery bill. I only spent $30 on all of this. I saved over $266. 🙂