Don’t Wait in Line, Just “Scan It!”

  This weekend, my boy friend and I went to Giant to pick up a few things for his sister’s birthday party, and being the adventurous shoppers we are (I take him along with me to get all my crazy deals), we decided to use the “Scan…
SMILE.LY Be heard, Be happy.

Just recently I joined the site called after one of the blogs I follow suggested it. is the world's first social media powered community designed to bring you new things to try and share. Basically, they are a company that…

Is it safe to give out your information so freely?

With all these free samples and coupons deals you may be leery about constantly giving out your contact information. Do you think it is risky to provide your name, mailing address, and email address to all these companies? I feel that if…

Taylor Swift’s New Album “Speak Now” just 99¢

Amazon has Taylor Swift's new album for $3.99 right now. Use coupon code STUDENT3 to get $3 off. I don't know how long this price will last so buy it now if you're interested. Go HERE

No internet, no freebies?!

  Back in the day, free samples used to be just the food samples in the grocery stores. Nowadays, the internet is home to so many free samples. How else could a company get that many people interested in their products? They can't just…

Starbucks App for iPod, iPhone and BlackBerry!

How do you think most college students make up for their lack of sleep? Coffee, of course! And where do you think the majority of them go to get their coffee fix? Starbucks! With multiple locations on and near campus, Starbucks is always…