Freebies from Sept. 27

Cute Necklaces for $12 today!

Just a few days ago I posted about using (make an account here first). Today, if you go to the Groupon for Long Island you can buy a $25 gift card for for only $12. This makes any of these personalized and homemade…
Groupon picture

Sign up for Groupon!

 This week I am going to introduce you to a new site that I have just started using a few months ago that I love! is a website where you can buy gift cards to various stores, restaurants, and sites at a very discounted price!…
Freebies from Sept. 27

My Freebies from last week!

I enjoy getting my freebies every weekend from my house, either when I go home or someone comes to visit me. This week I got detergent samples, Bath and Body Works lotion, Parenting magazine, samples of shampoo and conditioner, a small box…
Freebies from Sept. 27


The next time you are about to place your online shopping order, head over to This site provides coupon codes that you can use on your purchases to many online stores. All you need to do is type in the store's URL in the search…
Freebies from Sept. 27

Free Entree for Panda Express!

Here's a freebie that all the UMD students can use at Stamp this Wednesday! Print out the coupon for a free entree!
Freebies from Sept. 27

Students: Sign up for Amazon Prime for free! is America's largest retailer. started out selling books when it launched in 1995, but now you can find almost ANYTHING, from toys, food, to electronics on this site. The name Amazon comes from the Amazon River (the largest…